Scott Van Dyke is the founder and President of American First Energy LLC, a second-generation oilman with four decades of oil and gas exploration and operational success in the North Sea, Kazakhstan, Texas and Louisiana.

Mr. Van Dyke joined his father’s oil company, Van Dyke Energy Company, in 1983 as Vice President. Van Dyke Energy had started exploration in the North Sea in the early 1970s, and participated in discovering about half of the Netherlands’ North Sea oil reserves; notable discoveries included the Rijn Field and the Horizon Field. Mr. Van Dyke helped lead the company’s successful exploration programs in the Netherlands’ offshore Blocks B/5b, B/17a, F/12a and P/11b. The Van Dykes’ equity partners included: Aberford Resources, Altana Exploration Company (a subsidiary of Montana Power), Amamera Inc., Deilmann A.G., Enserch Exploration, Inc., Felmont Oil Corporation, Home Oil Company, Preussag A.G., Reading & Bates Petroleum Company, Texas International, Texel Petroleum B.V., Trend Exploration Ltd., Tricentrol Oil Corporation, Union Pacific Resources Company, and Whitehall Petroleum.

In 1990, Mr. Van Dyke formed Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International Inc., one of the first western companies to have a joint venture in Kazakhstan’s oil industry. From 1992 to 2000, Anglo-Dutch developed the Tenge Field in the Mangistau Oblast. Equity capital was provided by Chinese Petroleum Corporation (the national oil company of Taiwan), and NAPTHA Israel Petroleum Corp. (the former national oil company of Israel). In the mid-1990s, Anglo-Dutch also led a consortium of companies to evaluate the acquisition of other fields in Kazakhstan; consortium members included DEPEKY (the national oil company of Greece) and PETROM (the national oil company of Romania).

In the early 2000s, Mr. Van Dyke formed Anglo-Dutch Energy LLC to primarily explore and operate in south Louisiana. The company drilled in the inland waters of south Louisiana and onshore in a number of south Louisiana parishes. Anglo-Dutch’s principal discoveries were at the Roanoke and White Castle salt domes. These domes had once been highly prolific for Shell, which had left the domes after drilling and producing hundreds of wells. Anglo-Dutch acquired 3D seismic around the Roanoke and White Castle salt domes and then drilled a number of successful exploration wells. We discovered significant reserves undetected by Shell, and soon became the 28th leading oil and gas producer out of 391 oil companies in south Louisiana.

In 2022, Mr. Van Dyke formed American First Energy LLC to explore for oil and gas along the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Louisiana using new and proprietary algorithms to reprocess 3D seismic.

Mr. Van Dyke has a B.S. in Commerce from Washington & Lee University (1980), and an B.A. in Geology the University of Northern Colorado (1983).

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